I finally put on my big girl pants and bought a domain. I know, welcome to 1996. Yes! I’m a slacker! I know.

Anyway, I am now writing random things and posting photos and such at I’ll leave this tumblr thingy up for special occasions, but mostly, I’ll use my new site. Because that’s why I made it and stuff.

You can get email notifications, and it has an RSS feed if you’re into that kind of thing. Which, I’m not sure I’ve looked at an RSS feed in like, well, a long time. But do what you like.

I just do the words part. You get to figure out how you want to read them. 

One of my favorite stories so far just published in Mountain Flyer. I visited mountain bike builders Steve Potts and Charlie Cunningham. Also, I made some photos.

One of my favorite stories so far just published in Mountain Flyer. I visited mountain bike builders Steve Potts and Charlie Cunningham. Also, I made some photos.

My friend assigned a piece of my writing to his freshman composition course, and we’re going to discuss it next week. He said they would ask me questions, questions about where the ideas come from, and about the writing process.

I don’t really know where the ideas come from. Blah, blah, read a lot of books, maybe. The air? I think some ideas come out of the air. And process. What is that, anyway? 

I just sit here, drink espresso, and stare at it. Sometimes, I stare at it for a very long time before anything actually happens. I put a lot of shit sentences on the screen. Then I try to make them better if I can. Sometimes, it works even.

When I get stuck, I go clean the toilet. 

I’m not sure this is especially helpful advice. 

my friend and i were talking about donuts today, hostess donuts with powdered sugar, the kind you buy at gas stations and 7-11’s on roadtrips and wash down with tasteless gas station coffee. gas station coffee is the worst coffee, but donuts are a pretty awesome thing, generally.

the very best donuts are winter donuts. they’re the donuts you buy on a cold winter morning when the surf is firing and you want to surf for the whole day. it’s the sprinkles that do it.

the heater in my vw never really starts working until we’re almost to the beach. we sit in the cold car in our beanies, the boards on the old green racks on the roof, and we eat donuts. and they taste like nothing else in the whole world.

the very best donuts come from a shop on the east side. it’s an old building split in half between a thai food restaurant and a donut shop. in the morning on the way to the beach, only the donut shop is open. by lunch time, you can eat pad thai and donuts both, if you like.

i get frosted with sprinkles everytime. and then i go surf. and it’s the very best thing.

You’d think by now I’d know better, but it turns out when it comes to bikes and climbing, you never learn. You might get faster, but you never get smarter.

And so when John and I decided to take a day away from our keyboards and internet tethers, I naturally decided we should go ride the Figueroa Mountain Loop, one of the local climbing rides. I’d done it before, but John never had. I’ll admit it right now: It was all my idea.

I wanted to ride to where the world couldn’t reach me. That part was easy. It was getting home that was the hard part. … — Read more at Paved. 

This ride is silly. But I guess the best ones are that way. 

I’m working in my kit again. I thought I could escape, but then my phone started nagging me. So I sat down to answer it and to reply to that other thing, and to edit that one thing and to make that other thing. Sitting still is hard. I just want to go ride. The internet is such a dick sometimes. … 

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